Smart Yoga

Author: David Moore

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

Total Pages: 248

Hatha Yoga Although Hatha Yoga occupies only a tiny corner of traditional yoga practice, it is this psychophysical snippet that has been adopted with the greatest enthusiasm in the West over the past few decades.

Intelligent Yoga

Author: Peter Blackaby

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

Total Pages: 200

In his new edition of Intelligent Yoga, he offers a clear lens that both allows for scientific rigoryet still advocates for the innate wisdom at the heart of yogic inquiry. Anyone who feels a passion for yoga deserves to read this book.

Smart Girls Screw Up Too

Author: Bella Zanesco

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Total Pages: 336

Yoga and Pilates are great practices for this. Yin yoga is also a great complement to your chosen cardio to maintain flexibility as you age. challenge yourself. Set yourself a physical challenge that you need to prepare your mind and ...

Smart Living for Smart Cities

Author: T. M. Vinod Kumar

Publisher: Springer Nature

Total Pages: 454

Elite and Brahmins are well educated and intelligent and others were not. Such people do not require a procedural approach for Vedanta way of living or practice through Asparsa Yoga akin to Governance administered by bureaucracy for the ...

E-Book Business Driven Technology


Publisher: McGraw Hill

Total Pages:

A few examples of the incredible power of the IoT era include: □ Smart Yoga Mat: Smart yoga mats include sensors that provide feedback on yoga postures, calories burned, and can even provide users with guided practice in the comfort of ...