Manipulation And Body Language

Manipulation And Body Language

Over the years, we have come to the conclusion that persuasion is positive while manipulation is the exact opposite. That is not entirely true. Whether you are persuading or manipulating a person, the real difference is your intention. According to some of the scholars studying the difference between manipulation and persuasion, there are three components determining what a person is doing. What intent lies behind your desire to persuade another person? How truthful and transparent is the process you are using? What is the net impact or benefit of your action to the other person? There is manipulative persuasion and dark manipulative persuasion. The first type, manipulative persuasion normally involves attempts to convince another person to do something without necessarily thinking about tactics or specific motivations. Anyone can easily use manipulative persuasion because it is not entirely necessary for the manipulator to understand his/her victim. A persuader will mostly look for ways to make the best out of the people he/she is manipulating. For instance, a politician can try to prevent war by creating peace ties where there were none. He/she might not fully understand the results of the ties, but will try anyway. In fact, a manipulative persuader can try to grasp at straws wildly hoping to get something. On the other hand, dark manipulative persuasion involves understanding the bigger picture and strategizing. The dark persuader understands the person he/she is trying to persuade, knows the exact buttons to push and just how far he will go before getting results. In most cases, manipulators who use dark manipulation techniques are unconcerned with the morality of their actions. All he/she wants is to fulfill his/her desires regardless of the situation. The bright side of dark manipulation is that the manipulator is in most cases aware of what he/she is doing. All of us have manipulated others, knowingly or unknowingly. There are many things we do to get what we want and, in most cases, they are harmless. This book will tell you more about manipulationand Body languages. This book covers What is manipulation Methods of manipulation Developing stages of manipulation Art of persuasion Dark psychology Body language And Much More! It is said that we as human beings have learned how to manipulate each other selfishly. Sometimes it is necessary but in most cases, you will realize it is unnecessary. Dark manipulative persuasion often harms. Perhaps the most unfortunate thing is how the manipulators using dark techniques ignore the damage of their actions. For instance, many researchers conducted across the world over the years have revealed the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes. However, the manufacturing companies still make some successful manipulative advertisements leading people to think that this drug is 'cool'. Consequently, the number of diseases and deaths resulting from this manipulation increase. Those politicians using dark manipulative persuasion techniques to raise into position can facilitate weakened democracy and even foment division.


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